The Nahunta United Methodist Church had it's beginning in the early 1916 and met at the home of the Honorable and Mrs. W. M. Robinson. The present site of the church was given in 1919 by the Robinsons loveingly know as Uncle Bill and Aunt Sally. The site had been purchased from an L. S. Robb of Glynn County for the sum of $1 and  was accepted by the trustees of Nahunta Methodist Epicopal Church South.
  The construction of the Sanctuary began in 1921. The materials were hauled by workers from Lulaton, Georgia using wagons and ox carts. Lumber was donataed by Mr. A. B. Brooker and Miss Leera knox. Labor was donaated by members and friends of the church. For many years, this church was known as the "Hatchery", due to the number of young Preachers being sent here as their first charge. After the Methodist center, Epworth-By-The-Sea was built on St. Simons Island, there was a reverse trend. Many retired Pastors moved into the area.

  We are an old Church with roots deeply imbeded in our Community. We welcome all persons to come and join our Methodist Family and celebrate our service to the Lord.

Nahunta United Methodist Church as it appeared in 1950.‚Äč

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